Origami USA Convention

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At the Origami USA convention in NY City, June 25-26, I participated with my friends, Gay, Robin and Huey in the giant folding event, sponsored by Sok Song.  We folded a huge monkey by Tomoko Fuse and a huge banana by Kieko Yamanashi.  The paper for the monkey began as a 9′ square!  It was fun!


Origami Sunflower-Priceless!

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In our “Trash” Origami class at Albuquerque Academy, we folded RECYCLED SUNFLOWERS:

Outside of sunflower-yellow pages——$0 dollars….

Inside of sunflower-catalog page of wicker furniture—$0 dollars….

Leaf-used calendar page———————$0 dollars…

Finished sunflower-PRICELESS!

For other sources of recycled origami ideas check out Trash Origami by Michael Lafosse and Richard Alexander and Crease and Fold by Sok Song as well as Creased Magazine  at Creased.com.

Birthday Origami

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My two loves-origami & technology joined together—And ipad case with a crane on the top. My parents had this case custom made from Sweet Treats on Etsy.  Awesome Origami Gift!!!  Thanks!

Teacher Appreciation

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I am so fortunate to be working with many wonderful general education teachers in my job.  This year I found a cute origami apple that could have a hidden message inside.  It was created by Eiji Tsuchido and published in the Nippon Origami Magazine (NOA), October 2008.  Thanks to all the teachers that so generously helped the students that I support.  Have a great summer!!

Arizona Origami Society

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Last weekend (5/14/11),  My husband and I went to Phoenix for a late Mother’s Day celebration with my children who live there.  Coincidently, the Arizona Origami Society had their monthly meeting and of course I had to join in the fun!  The group usually meets the 2nd Saturday of the month at Bookmans. If you are in the Phoenix area stop by-they are a warm and welcoming group.

Troy (left) taught the Sakota Twist Rose with a leaf from the online Origami Club.  Cathy (center) shows us a stylized butterfly by Evi Binzinger from Creased Magazine taught by Doris. Carol show off her Shumokov butterfly that was taught by Diana.  Thanks AOS -I had a great time!

Paper Wedding Dress

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This is a paper wedding dress I noticed in the window of Papyrus at the Bilmore Mall in Phoenix, Arizona.  Papyrus is a stationary store and they carry amazing wrapping paper.  The skirt is made from wedding invitations.  Amazing art from paper! 


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This is my neice, Nadia.  She learned about origami as a toddler when she would come to my house often and I was making 1,000 cranes for her parents. She would “baby” talk to “her” cranes.  As she grew older she loved to fold paper and experiment with folding her own “inventions.”  She is 8 years old, incredibly brilliant, sweet, and still loves to fold. She folded a lotus for her sweet mom for Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day!