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Festival of the Trees-2013

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The Albuquerque Origami Society donated a tree filled with 1,000 origami cranes this year to the Carrie IMG_0095Tingley Festival of the Trees.   The crane has become an international symbol of peace, good wishes, and good health.  We hope our contribution to this event will help the children served by the Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital.   This event auctions off decorated tree to support the Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital.  The tree is on display at Sandia Casino this weekend (Dec 1, 2, 2012).  It’s a great event that supports a great cause.




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This is my origami friend, Troy.

He is always smiling especially when showing you an amazing origami fold.  Troy is an exceptional folder from Phoenix and a member of the Arizona Origami Society. He has a remarkable ability to create realistic flower arrangements which he displays annually at the February Matsuri Festival.  Below is a picture of a folded orchid arrangement.  You can almost smell its aroma.

Recently I received a box in the mail from Troy, his latest and greatest accomplishment;   an origami fir tree designed by Francesco Guarnieri.  The tree was made from tant paper.  I was delighted to receive such a precious model and it has a place of honor in my origami Christmas decorations in my entry way.

Origami Sunflower-Priceless!

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In our “Trash” Origami class at Albuquerque Academy, we folded RECYCLED SUNFLOWERS:

Outside of sunflower-yellow pages——$0 dollars….

Inside of sunflower-catalog page of wicker furniture—$0 dollars….

Leaf-used calendar page———————$0 dollars…

Finished sunflower-PRICELESS!

For other sources of recycled origami ideas check out Trash Origami by Michael Lafosse and Richard Alexander and Crease and Fold by Sok Song as well as Creased Magazine  at


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This is my neice, Nadia.  She learned about origami as a toddler when she would come to my house often and I was making 1,000 cranes for her parents. She would “baby” talk to “her” cranes.  As she grew older she loved to fold paper and experiment with folding her own “inventions.”  She is 8 years old, incredibly brilliant, sweet, and still loves to fold. She folded a lotus for her sweet mom for Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Origami

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Every mother loves the cute handmade art projects made for them by their children.  My own children are all grown up and I don’t get the handmade treasures anymore.  So I have to live vicariously through other kids.  🙂   This year I taught an origami arrangement to many of the classes that I work with in my job-over 150 students!….so over 150 moms got this lovely arrangement today!  The models in this arrangement were created by the following origami artists:  Tulip (creator:  Chiyo Araki.  Published:  Origami for Christmas by Chiyo Araki), Stem (creator:  Gay Merrill Gross.  Published:  Mini Origami by Gay Merrill Gross), and Stand (creator:  Gay Merrill Gross.  Published:  Mini Origami by Gay Merrill Gross). Thanks to those creators for sharing their incredible talents for us to enjoy!

Fold something and have a Happy Mother’s Day!


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I have another incredible origami friend, Mari Michaelis (aka, marigami).

Mari is exceptionally skilled with computer diagramming and has diagrammed many origami models including many of Yami Yamaguchi’s wonderful models. She also has a line of cute origami related products through Cafe Press.  Check out her website, marigami.

Recently, Mari asked me if I would like to test some diagrams for a tissue box by Francis Ow.  The folding sequence was elegant and the diagrams were perfect, but the box did not hold  tissues found in my area.   She sent me another tissue box container (based on Francis Ow’s box) by Paul Ee that perfectly holds the pocketbook size tissues. ingenious!

In my recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona, I got together with some of the Arizona Origami Society folders and taught this model.  It is a tricky fold but everyone accomplished it.  Thanks to Francis Ow and Paul Ee for sharing their wonderful models. Many thanks to Mari for very clear diagrams!

Peter Rabbit

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This is the Year of the Rabbit…and there are many cute rabbits to fold.  Peter Rabbit is a classic children’s character that we all know and love. When I found the diagram to Peter Rabbit, I knew I had to try it for my friend, Bunny, and also a friend with a pet rabbit.   The origami version of Peter was created by Eiji Tsuchito and was published in the Tanteidan Convention #4, pg. 32. It is a wonderful model that I folded from handmade duo tissue foil so that he has the classic blue jacket. The cute carrot is a design by another one of my favorite origami creators, Makoto Yamaguchi.