Festival of the Trees-2013


The Albuquerque Origami Society donated a tree filled with 1,000 origami cranes this year to the Carrie IMG_0095Tingley Festival of the Trees.   The crane has become an international symbol of peace, good wishes, and good health.  We hope our contribution to this event will help the children served by the Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital.   This event auctions off decorated tree to support the Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital.  The tree is on display at Sandia Casino this weekend (Dec 1, 2, 2012).  It’s a great event that supports a great cause.



2 Responses to “Festival of the Trees-2013”

  1. This blog seems to have died at the end of 2012. WHat is happening for Origami Days 2013?

    • Hi,
      Well not died but taken a vacation. The Pacific Coast Origami Convention was just held here in Albuquerque. It involved a lot of planning, preparation and work. So blogging took a backseat. Hopefully, I will be able to write about the experience soon as well as get back to what is happening in origami now. 🙂

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