Albuquerque Origami Society (AOS) & PCOC

Albuquerque Origami Society…we are from all walks of life with one thing in common…we love to sit around and fold paper for hours!  We NEVER get tired of the thrill of turning a paper into something else…a dog, a rabbit…even vampire lips!

It is our small, goofy group, that will team up with OrigamiUSA to host The Pacific Coast Origami Convention in Albuquerque next year. (October 3-7, 2013) at the Marriott Pyramid.  We have invited 6 amazing special guests and already have confirmation of other dignitaries in the origami world that will also attend.  Check out the OrigamiUSA website for more details or our Facebook page.

If you attend our convention you will be among 200+ similar goofy people staying up all night folding.  There will be fantastic exhibits and you will be able to learn from origami masters models that will make you amazed and marvel at the wonders of origami.


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