Origami Heaven

Origami Heaven is a weeklong celebration of origami at the Wang Center at Stoneybrook University, organized by Rachel Katz and Shrikant Iyer and the Long Island Origami Enthusiasts (LIFE). This was my second year of attending OH and I taught a class called, Print and Fold, in which I explained how I enhance origami models by printing text and graphics on the paper before folding.

As a treat for the class, I used the template the Shumakovs provide in their new ebook, Origami Mini Library to make a tiny book about Origami Heaven.  The tiny book was placed in a small tote bag, also designed by the Shumakovs.  The print design on the tote was provided by Sok Song-it was the logo for this years’ festival.  In the book I included the schedule for the festival.

Thanks to the Shumakovs for their wonderful models!

And thanks to Shri, Rachel and all the members of the Long Island Folding Enthusiasts for the best celebration of origami ever!


One Response to “Origami Heaven”

  1. Hi Patty! I love origami also and really enjoyed what I’ve read here so far. I especially love the hat you are wearing. Where did you find the instruction of it, or is it your own creation? In any case, it looks amazing.

    BTW, I, too, have a blog about origami and am wondering if I can link your blog from mine? Please take a look if you have time: http://yukiorigami.com

    I look forward to reading more on your blog!

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